One of a series of articles by young people who have in recent years become Christian Scientists. They explain how they became interested in Christian Science, what convinced them of its utility and truth, and how its teachings have changed their lives.

I am free

Arriving in Los Angeles, California, from overseas, a young woman began working as a nurse while attending a university. One evening she overheard her colleagues mention Christian Science. She asked what Christian Science was. They warned her that it was a strange religion, not a science, and that she should stay away from it and from those "weird" Christian Scientists, who did not believe in medicine.

That warning did not keep her from Christian Science. In fact, it aroused her curiosity. "If it's not a science," she wondered, "what is their reason for calling it Christian Science? What has science to do with Christians? Science entails testing, experimentation, and proof. Can Christian Science fulfill all these requirements?" A string of such questions ran through her mind. That evening as more questions came to her, her ears rang with the nurses' warning: "Just take our advice. Stay away from those strange Christian Scientists."

Do circumstances have a victim?
June 8, 1981

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