Fearless treatment

Healing treatment in Christian Science grows out of a life that envisions the immensity and supremacy of divine Love—a life that deeply expresses Love. Such spiritual aid is empowered by Love. The increasing realization that God is ever-present Love— this is the basis for giving treatment with absolute conviction. Care for ourselves or a patient need never rest on uncertainty, doubt, fear.

If true healing were simply the process of fixing up matter, then any choice of materially physical or even materially mental treatment might be logical. But prayer that genuinely heals emerges from the certainty that God is unbounded Love, that He cares for His child, man. Man is spiritual; he reflects God's perfection. It is a serious love of this fact, together with the natural compassion such a love inspires, that leads to a Christly cure. When we surrender to the momentous fact of man's wholeness as the representative of God, beloved by Him, we are opening our lives to the regenerating power of the Christ, a power that transforms the thought of the sinner, relieves the pain of the sick.

Prizing our spiritual maturity
March 9, 1981

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