For over four years following my retirement, I had enjoyed bicycling...

For over four years following my retirement, I had enjoyed bicycling to the post office and sometimes riding as much as fifteen miles daily on bike trails. One morning I was out riding when a man failed to heed a stop sign. My leg took the first impact of his car, which threw me to the street. My entire weight landed on my head and hand. The frame and back wheel of the cycle were bent and broken. The driver of the car came to help me up. As I started to stand, I yielded to a sharp pain in the leg, and he caught me. I declined to be taken to a hospital, with the explanation that as a Christian Scientist, I would handle the situation through prayer; and so he took me home.

For about four weeks my wife and I prayed together day and night with the unwavering conviction that the Christ was caring for me. I was able to resume riding my bicycle in the backyard. While the healing was taking place, I continued keeping the accounts for the owner of a small business. My wife and I were able to take care of my physical needs with confidence because two years earlier we had taken a home aide training course for Christian Scientists.

Testimony of Healing
For many years I had suffered from hay fever and asthma to...
July 7, 1980

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