Should We Follow Fashion?

Most people follow the trend of fashion, at least to some extent. From year to year they adjust their mode of dress so as to look more or less like other people, refurnish their homes to be in line with the neighbors, make plans to do the things that are being done by others at the time. The rationale is that one doesn't want to appear old-fashioned, conservative, unprogressive, by not going along with the current modes.

Perhaps there is something to be said for this view, since many things that fashion dictates are harmless, and one wants to identify and be companionable with other members of the human race. But experience shows it is foolish to follow blindly other people's example. There is too much in the human mind that is corrupt and unhealthy. It is wise to be vigilant and to be sure one does not accept indiscriminately as one's own the fashionable thoughts and actions which may lead us into life-styles, habits, and health patterns that could later prove to be undesirable and difficult to break.

January 24, 1976

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