I have been a Christian Scientist for many years, and the healings...

I have been a Christian Scientist for many years, and the healings I have experienced myself and the healings I have witnessed in my family are innumerable, not to mention the protection and prevention of evil that Christian Science has afforded us.

Often a healing takes time and spiritual effort because we need to dig and grow. But the quick or instantaneous healings are inspiring and clearly point out the immediacy of God. I would like to relate two such healings.

When we were married, my husband was not a Christian Scientist and had great doubts about its healing power. One day I was broiling a chop for his dinner. As I opened the broiler door, our eldest son, who was still a toddler, leaned on the inside of the door with both his little hands. He started to scream, and as I picked him up, my husband came home. When he saw what had happened, he went right to a pharmacy to get something to put on the burns. But I immediately called a Christian Science practitioner and became so engrossed in listening to her as she poured out to me truths concerning the child's perfect, unchanging, spiritual nature that I forgot about the injury. It wasn't until I had hung up the receiver that I realized that the child had crawled down from my lap and was contentedly playing, completely healed.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has proved to be the greatest thing in my...
September 29, 1973

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