How Can We Heal Better?

We can heal others better by getting right ourselves. As one of Mrs. Eddy's followers recalled her saying on this point: "Get your heart right with the heart of God. That is what heals the sick. Get right yourself. Now, you get a practice and know that it is not you that heals, but that it is getting right yourself." We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Third Series, p. 45;

Attuning thought to the core of Truth, God, requires humility. From a mortal position, we may be accustomed to feeling quite self-sufficient. So it may take humility to yield our human preconceptions of needs and means in healing to a more spiritual, less personal outlook. But we must, if we would heal better.

Our healing work improves as we drop a sense that we, as mortals, are the healers. Our willingness to step aside and let Truth pass through makes us better healers. We get right ourselves by getting more like what we really are as Truth's manifestation.

Testimony of Healing
God gives us the ability to glorify Him
September 29, 1973

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