Apprehension, Comprehension, Retention, Expression

Have you ever considered how helpful it would be to learn faster? To understand better, remember more, express yourself more clearly? Christian Science offers a practical approach based on divine Mind, or God, the only source of intelligence and ability, to accomplish all these things.

To believe intelligence to be in a matter brain—subject to hereditary limitations, accidents, age, and deterioration—is to place one's capabilities in jeopardy at the very outset. Matter offers no basis for promise or stability on this subject. On the other hand, to accept man's intelligence as proceeding from a spiritual origin— as a conscious expression or reflection of the one basic, causative Mind, or God—is to perceive man's intelligence in terms of unlimited capacity and accuracy. To accept the spiritual basis is to classify man as the very image and likeness of God's all-knowing and all-wise ability.

Through patience understood
August 18, 1973

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