Out of the Lie, into the Truth

If for any reason you think you've come to the end of your rope, be assured you haven't. There is no condition, no circumstance or disease, beyond God's control. His will for all His children is peace, not misery. If we seem to be miserable, it's because we are holding on to a miserable concept of ourselves; it's not because God will not or cannot fulfill His peacefulness in us. He has already done that. We need to become conscious of the peaceful truth instead of the miserable lie.

That's what Christian Science is all about, but it's not a system of quixotic daydreaming or willful cogitating. It involves no mental hocus-pocus. It is the elemental Truth that supports us all but remains forever hidden to the material senses.

Tune Up, Listen, and Play!
May 12, 1973

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