Every Thought Counts

While at an ocean beach one day, a friend and I observed colorful parachutes in the sky coming down not far from us. The chutists were landing on the hard-packed sand. We stood about thirty feet from the area that had been outlined as their landing target. It was exciting to see them guiding the chutes down. Many of them landed on their feet and remained upright, while others were brought momentarily to their knees by the pull of the deflating chutes.

Entertaining as this performance was, their next activity was even more interesting to us, for as students of Christian Science we could draw a valuable lesson from it. Each man, upon landing, unfastened his chute, spread it out, fastened it at top and bottom to something firm and secure, and then began meticulously to repack it for the next jump.

A Sure Protection from Storms
December 2, 1972

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