Protected "from the violent man"

The Psalmist pleads, "Deliver me, O Lord, from the evil man: preserve me from the violent man."Ps. 140:1; To fearful, limited thought it may appear that chance alone determines whether or not one will become a victim of crime or violence. Human defenses against crime, no matter how elaborate, are no sure protection of one's property; and no human defenses can remove the fear of being criminally mistreated.

For a sure solution to the pressing need for security one must turn to God. Christian Science shows us how to protect ourselves and society "from the violent man," as well as how to help deliver the criminal or potential wrongdoer from the false thoughts and desires that lead into wrong acts. The method is to lift our thinking to behold man as God created him—immortal, complete, perfect. Spiritualized consciousness is a constant and dependable defense against crime and a regenerative and uplifting influence on every segment of society.

Purity Ensures Success
May 23, 1970

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