Man Is Individual Consciousness

The question "What is man?" never loses its interest to humanity. If everyone knew what man is, no doubt every other puzzling question would be answered. Christian Science gives various explanations of man, but none is more thought-provoking than that he is an individual consciousness. Not that this explanation implies that man is an independent mind. Far from it! As an individual consciousness man is the reflection, or image, of the one infinite consciousness, or Mind, which is God.

God, the Maker of man, must be Mind, or He could not create a conscious man, a man made in His likeness. And no one can deny that man is an individual and that he is conscious. The human being's problem is to prove the fact revealed by divine Science that as an individual consciousness he is conscious of God and all He includes, and that the seeming consciousness of something else—of matter and physical personalities, evil and finiteness—is no part of him.

Paying the Utmost Farthing
August 16, 1969

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