Light from Mind Directs

"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." Gen. I:3 Throughout human history this spiritual light has guided the way for mankind. It radiates from everlasting Love, the one Mind. The power of this Mind is staggering to human sense, It is all-knowing. And it is also unerring. Who or what is better prepared than God to direct our way?

Mrs. Eddy writes, 'The allness of Deity is His oneness." Science and Health, p. 267 Through prayer we can communicate with the one Mind, the source of all good. When we turn to Mind and feel this living presence, the light of the Christ, Truth, focuses on our problems. The warmth of unchanging Love begins to melt the hard edges of discouraged, negative, unreal thoughts. They fade away.

This divine light is not far away in outer space, It is as close as our thought, for Mind is the only source of thought. However, one must be mentally ready to acknowledge light-giving thoughts. How-does one gain a right, perceptive attitude? Quietness and turning are the key. The coming of dawn vividly illustrates these two qualities. Dawn is a simple matter of earth's quiet turning. Sunlight is always there waiting for the earth to turn and give up its night.

The Wheat and the Tares
March 9, 1968

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