About eleven years ago a small, hard lump appeared on my back...

About eleven years ago a small, hard lump appeared on my back and at first was of little concern. Later, however, it became enlarged, inflamed, and sore, and I began to feel a sense of fear. The condition suddenly curtailed my activities and sharply presented itself as a serious problem. I then asked a member of my family to help me in Christian Science.

This request was made on a Saturday night. On Sunday and Monday, while consecrated and almost continuous treatment was being given me, I began to feel a sense of peace and release mingled alternately with periods of increased discomfort and fear. Despite this chemicalization resulting from the struggle between the power of Truth, God, which was being applied, and the claim of error's resistance, our home atmosphere was filled with love and tenderness and utmost comfort. I knew at this time that I must rid myself of fear; and I forcefully made myself know that no matter what the body looked like it was my thinking that really needed to be healed, solely and completely. I kept realizing that nothing could grow upon my thought but that which was pure and perfect and that the only growth man knows is spiritual development. At the end of a week my back had become normal, with only minor traces of skin redness to show where the lump had been.

When I was a grade school pupil, I had a healing of a broken bone in my leg. The young boy who had struck me with his bicycle carried me upstairs to my home. A physician who was visiting in the downstairs flat, upon seeing this emergency came right upstairs to our dwelling to be of whatever help he could. After examination he informed my mother that a bone was broken. My mother thanked him for his thoughtfulness and attention and told him that his services would not be required. As soon as he left, she called a Christian Science practitioner, who faithfully worked for about seven weeks. The healing was fully accomplished. I have since had complete and normal use of this limb without any restriction whatsoever.

March 9, 1968

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