If I could express even a small part of my gratitude and...

If I could express even a small part of my gratitude and love for Christian Science, and to our Leader, who has made it possible for me to live and not die, I should, indeed, be very happy. One of the most beautiful things about my Christian Science experience has been its ever-ready answer to my questions; and I should like to give a little example in illustration of what I mean by this.

We go in the summer to a beautiful mountainous region where people sojourn for the climbing. At the time of which I am about to speak, my mother and I were the only Christian Scientists among the guests at the hotel. The question came to me one day, as to how it would be if, in my climbing, I should meet with an injury on the mountains, which might prove severe. I had the remembrance of a very badly sprained ankle from an accident which had befallen me a few years previous to this time, when it was a month before I could again walk out. I had no understanding of Science at that time.

One day, a party of us had been on the mountain; and returning, we were making speed, for it was then quite late, and we had still a mile and a half to go before reaching our hotel. I was running down the path, when suddenly I made a misstep, wrenching my instep in precisely the same way which had caused me such suffering before. After recovering myself from the fall, I tried to go on; but I immediately recognized the pain and the faintness which had been features of the former accident as they again came sweeping over me.

Testimony of Healing
It is more than ten years now since I first learned of...
January 14, 1905

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