I first heard, of Christian Science ten or twelve years...

I first heard, of Christian Science ten or twelve years ago, while living in Paris, France. Soon after arriving in Paris I made the acquaintance of a fellow art student who was a Christian Scientist. We were brought together very often because of mutual interests in our work. In those days there was no regularly established work of Christian Science in Paris, and only occasionally would a traveler or a student be seen with the "little book," Science and Health. The subject, however, sometimes came up in conversation with my friend, but I did not seem to grasp its meaning very fully. One thought did, however, appeal to me with great force,—it was the thought that Mind governs the body.

I had been for years a great sufferer from terrible headaches, and when these attacks came they lasted two or three days, at which times I was not able to find any relief from my suffering. It would be difficult to describe my thoughts when I first heard that there were people who actually believed that Mind governs the body. It seemed to fill me with a hope that here was a way by which I could be healthy and strong like others, and not have to live in dread of those awful headaches. I could see that these attacks were growing more frequent, and certainly were more severe. Then came the fear that it might not be true, indeed it seemed almost too good to be true. Then I feared to mention this thought to any one, or even to hear it discussed, for fear something would be said that would take away this little hope that I had. If these lines ever reach the eyes of any who may be passing through such a condition of thought I say to them, "Fear not, it is true, and it is for you as well as for me." When my Scientist friend spoke of Mind, I little dreamed, at that time, that she meant God, the divine Mind. As I look back over those days I realize that I understood very little of the truth. All that seemed to remain with me from those conversations was the thought, to resist evil and it would flee from you. I proved to myself the power of the truth on my return voyage to America, when I was able to overcome severe sea-sickness by putting this thought into practice.

Testimony of Healing
Paul said, "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your...
January 14, 1905

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