Christian Science

Watkins (N. Y.) Express

The following appreciative words' from a brother editor speak volumes for the value of the educational work which is being done by the Board of Lectureship, and for the far-seeing wisdom of our Leader in making this provision for the advancement of our Cause.—[Ed.]

The Express has not been in sympathy with Christian Science, so-called, and yet we have never been ready to take the position, assumed without investigation by many people, that the system was all folly and folderol. That it has some basic truth of value we are driven to admit in advance by the fact that so many people of intelligence subscribe to its tenets. So much as this, however, can probably be said of every belief which has won the approval of any considerable number of persons of average intelligence. Even some systems of rites or worship which might appear entirely absurd to thoughtful people are no doubt, relatively to the former belief of their converts, a step in advance.

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