The Sentinel

I pause to salute the Sentinel. With true military genius, our beloved Leader has set this watchman on the tower, and how faithfully it shall fulfil its mission is foretold in its past record. Its modest bow of infancy; its manly growth of vigorous youth; and now at the age of its Weekly majority it steps forth as the ever vigilant Christian Science Sentinel, only twenty-one weeks from its inception.

How aptly the words of the Prophet Ezekiel (Ezekiel, 3:15—21) seem to apply to this hour, and again to be echoed along our lines with the admonition to watch with greater vigilance. The faithful Sentinel, who is never found slumbering at his post of duty, or lulled into stupefaction by plausible pretenses, will, from his post on the watch-tower, from whence he scans the mental horizon, sound the note of warning, whenever the enemy seeks to penetrate our lines.

Christian Scientists
February 23, 1899

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