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Hair care

I’d asked a friend to trim the split ends from my waist-length hair. She ended up cutting off four inches.

Talk to my friends about Christian Science? Me?

I didn’t expect a trip to Central America to lead to a discussion about religion and spirituality. But that’s what happened during my senior year of high school.

Out of the depths of depression

In middle school, I began to suffer with symptoms of depression, though at the time I didn’t know what was wrong. A gnawing sadness and loneliness characterized my thoughts.

Fearless in the face of danger

In the middle of a frightening situation, one teen found that instead of fear and panic, he could feel the peace of God’s presence—and that turned everything around.

A new way of praying—that heals

A healing of a cold turns into a lesson on how to pray effectively.

Dropping the ‘party persona’

I am not the perfect Christian Science teenager. Maybe there’s no such thing.

Who cares if I’m spiritual?

This question from a teen got the author thinking. What does it really mean to be spiritual, and what practical effects can knowing our spiritual identity have in our lives? The answers might surprise you.

Healing a broken heart

She felt as though all the love in her life came from one person: her boyfriend. So when he broke up with her, she thought she’d lost something she could never get back. A pivotal conversation in Sunday School changed her mind—and her experience.

Beyond skin color

When he moved from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Norway when he was 13, this author confronted prejudice—and learned significant spiritual lessons about how to heal it.

Essay due? Prayer can help.

Stuck staring at a blinking cursor, wondering what to write? One author shares some of the spiritual lessons she’s learned about the writing process, and how we can each put them into practice in whatever creative project we’re facing.