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Finding my worth

Struggling with a lack of confidence, this author found inspiration and healing as she learned to pray for herself more effectively and understood more clearly that she was fully loved by God—at every moment.

Can we tell the future?

This author found herself looking ahead to a project with stress and dread. But two simple steps shifted her perspective and brought her a conviction of the presence of God’s goodness—and speedy success.

Where do I belong?

Struggling to find friends and a feeling of belonging at her new school, this author found an answer to her problems by getting a new perspective—a spiritual perspective.

How do you know?

When you’re facing a tough moral decision, how can you know if you’re really headed in the right direction? One author shares, from her own experience, how she’s found spiritual sense to be a reliable, and unerring, guide.

My true north

For this author, being a Christian Scientist isn’t about “applying” Christian Science to problems in his life, but about knowing and understanding God better and living in a way that consistently proves that understanding.

I couldn’t deny it

Fiction: “Christian Science just denies bad things are happening. ” Fact: The word denial is one that’s often used in psychology, but it’s used very differently in Christian Science.

Prayer that moves you forward

How can we pray in a way that’s more effortless, and more effective? A day of sailing helped this author find answers to that question, and gave new momentum to her prayers.

Freedom from sports injuries

I played three sports in high school, so I was constantly “in season. ” During basketball, I was playing club volleyball.

‘How can I have a healing?’

If you feel like you haven’t had a healing—or that you don’t know how to have one—this author has some good news for you: Healing is simply a change in thought. How can you make that thought-shift? Read on.

If you’re tempted to cheat

Overwhelmed by the academics in her new school, this author prayed for a solution. The specific—and unexpected—divine guidance that followed not only helped her succeed on a difficult exam, but it also supported her in facing down the temptation to cheat.