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The path back

She hadn’t thought about God or spirituality since she was a teenager. But in a remote wilderness, with no other help, this author discovered that God, divine Love, was just as present as she’d known Him to be during her childhood.

Beauty treatment

Every time she looked in the mirror, this teen author felt self critical and obsessed with all the things she felt she needed to change. That’s when she knew she needed a change of thought—and a spiritual beauty treatment.

Stop bullying—with love

In response to a question about bullying, this author shares how he succesfully faced down several bullies during his freshman year of high school: with prayer.

You’re included

We’ve all been “inspired” and “uplifted” by reading others’ healings. But have you ever thought of those healings as a promise of your own healing?

Don’t push

“Are you OK?” Taken aback, I looked up at my track coach. I had been enjoying our 100-meter sprint workout.

Safe from the storm

Hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storms. Can we really stop bad weather with prayer? One pray-er responds.

‘How could I be angry with him?’

Following an extremely loud concert, a musician prays about possible hearing damage and gets a surprising message: Love more.

Prepared to help

How can we be more prepared as pray-ers when tragic events occur? One young man’s experience, following a terror incident in New York City, offers helpful guidance.

Trusting God during the college process

Seven teens talk about how they’re praying about the college process, including finding the right school, dealing with fear and uncertainty, and how they’re trusting God with their future.

Off the bench and onto the field

I was the type of kid who always wanted to be outside. You know, the one who always asks his mom, “Just five more minutes? Please?” And somehow, an hour later, I was still nowhere to be found.