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No more mean girls

It all started at the beginning of the school year with a silly fight with two of my best friends. I assumed it would blow over.

When a political conversation turns into a debate, how can you respond in a way that really helps? This writer got a surprising response when he asked himself that very question in the middle of a heated political discussion with a friend.

God spoke to me

“Pray!”  I was on a bus in Kinshasa on the way home from the Christian Science Sunday School when I heard this distinct message. The bus was full of people, but it wasn’t a person that was telling to me to pray.

Overwhelmed? Prayer can help.

A heavy course load. A looming project. Lots of extracurriculars. What’s a student to do? This author found that understanding God as the “engine” for her endeavors helped to remove stress and ensure success.

Me? Beautiful?

From the time she was in second grade, this author was bullied for having so many freckles, and she felt the only answer was to change her appearance. But when hiding her freckles didn’t work, she learned she could find more lasting self-worth by understanding beauty and identity in a completely different way: spiritually.

‘Now I trust God more than ever’

After he lost an item that had a lot of sentimental value, this author headed out to look for it. But it was prayer, not the search itself, that helped him find it—and that brought home a powerful spiritual lesson.

How does a Christian Science healing happen?

When we pray for healing, are we changing something? Getting God to intervene in our lives? This author dives into the “how” of healing and looks at what’s really happening.

An open invitation

When attending church started to feel like a big inconvenience, this author “put it all out there” in his prayers and asked God why he needed to go to church anyway. The answer he got gave him a very different perspective on that Sunday morning commitment.

What’s life about?

She thought she had it all: Money. Clothes. Success. But when a friend asked about the meaning of life, this author was brought up short. What was life really all about? A return to Christian Science unlocked the answers and proved to be a turning point on her own path.

Pain isn’t normal

For this author, monthly menstrual pain seemed normal—until she began digging deeper into what she’d learned in the Christian Science Sunday School.