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I found help in Science and Health

It was getting dark. Deep in the woods, my team was racing to finish a set of wooden structures that we had to build ourselves as part of an intense, four-day camping trip and capture the flag game.

When things don’t go the way you planned

When none of the opportunities this college student had planned for herself ended up working out, she initially felt frantic. But soon, prayer led her to the surprising realization that instead of planning and striving, she could trust God.

What am I supposed to think about the bad stuff?

When bad things happen, what are we supposed to think? And how can we reconcile our faith in God as All and all good with the fact that we still see awful stuff in the world around us? “I’ve never found answers by staring at the bad stuff,” says this author. Her answer? Look toward God instead.

Should I sleep with him?

When she ran into a good-looking guy far from home, this author found things moving fast—and she was into it. But right at the moment when they were about to sleep together, something even better happened—something that’s continued to help and bless her even years later. 

A peaceful breakup?

“I don’t expect you to return the favor,” the note said, “but I just wanted to let you know that I have been watching you for two years, and I think I like you. ” I didn’t really know the guy who sent me the note, but I jumped at the opportunity to go out with him, thinking that I had finally found my “prince.

No more stage fright

How did this author go from debilitating stage fright to being able to sing freely in front of an audience? Learning more about Christ Jesus’ teachings proved to be the key.

Effective prayer—wherever you are

We arrived at the Samaria Gorge in Crete, Greece, just as the sun was rising. The sunbeams bathed the towering rocks in a warm light, and I was excited to begin our 11-mile descent down the gorge.

If you want to stop hating someone

She couldn’t stand her classmate. Even being in the same room together was awful. If only this girl could change, then things would be better—or so this author thought…until she really started to pray about the situation.

Who am I now?

She’d spent her whole life as a gymnast, so when this high school student decided to end her gymnastics career, she was faced with an uncomfortable question: Who am I now?

The message that saved my life

One teen recalls the first time he distinctly heard God’s voice—and how it saved his life.