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Volleyball and the ‘sandwich prayer’

Prayer helps a young athlete when she feels discouraged.

Spirituality and service in Costa Rica

I am part of the National Leadership Council (NLC), a youth group for Christian Scientists. For our third summer in the program, my fellow NLCers and I traveled to Costa Rica on a community service trip.

'Simple' ideas can heal

“God is love” ( I John 4:8 ). Those three words, combined with the most basic ideas of Christian Science, helped me when I played in a soccer tournament.

Clear communication

Last summer, just before my freshman year in college, I worked as an engineering intern at a manufacturing plant in Oklahoma. The company I worked for makes machines that fuse pipes together.

Blessings at basketball tryouts

I have attended a Christian Science Sunday School since I was a little kid. Sunday School helps me in my life, and I love what I learn there.

Love your teacher as yourself

This article was originally posted as a “Dear Me” blog on time4thinkers. com.

My 24/7 pastor

The pastor in Christian Science—the Bible and Science and Health—is always available, day or night, wherever you are.

Expect healing

Last summer, I went on a trip with my basketball team to a tournament. In our second game, in the second quarter, I landed on my ankle wrong and could barely run or walk.

There's a new Mary Baker Eddy biography...

A World More Bright: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy by Isabel Ferguson and Heather Vogel Frederick The Christian Science Publishing Society  Jenny Nelles and Jeff Ward-Bailey, the Sentinel’ s Teen Editors, give you a glimpse into a new biography from The Christian Science Publishing Society: A World More Bright: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy by Isabel Ferguson and Heather Vogel Frederick. What makes this biography different from the rest? While the book certainly appeals to all ages, it was written with youth in mind.

Bright ideas

A few years ago, I had a healing that deepened my understanding of God’s creation and my place in this creation. I had observed many warts growing on my hands but wasn’t aware of what they were or that I could pray to find healing.