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Where should I be, God?

It didn’t look like he’d find a job, until he committed to "walking with God."

Healing and my absolute favorite sport

I’m an avid sports fan, but baseball is my absolute favorite. I’ve been playing since I was six (I’m 14 now), and on my team I play first base and pitch.

Quote quandary

We can share without it being just a bunch of words.

What is a CSO? Christian Science Organizations (CSO) bring healing to college campuses. Their members include students, faculty, and alumni.

A cheap buzz

A blog post on drinking from

A grateful global nomad

Her 'home' is always with her.

God made you perfect

It's all about what God's done–an idea that removes frustration and heals.

Sharing at a state university

Sometimes a big school means big opportunities to share.

Ugh...Facebook comparisons

Social networking doesn't have to include bragging or dread.

God's counsel before college

She found the answer to a school and career dilemma.