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For Teens

Polocrosse prayers

On match day, this teen puts Christian Science into practice.

Pollen storm, but no allergies!

Being outdoors no longer means discomfort and physical reaction.

Erase and 'redraw'

Healing happens when we welcome God's view.

Are you really a bank robber?

Ways to pray about bullying. A letter to a Sunday School student.

Looking for a perfect focus

Filming from a good angle can be like seeing ourselves correctly.

Truth detector

This teen prayed when she faced an airport pat-down.

On the road again

She was nervous about driving, until inspiration melted the fear.

You're not invisible!

A blog from

I overcame shyness

You can fulfill your purpose without fear, shyness, or insecurity.

'Spiritual armor' at summer camp

A day of wakeboarding on the lake yields spiritual growth–and a quick healing.