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Because God is

Because God is unchanging Love I am free to listen for His voice  from above I am pure and perfect in His eyes I reflect truth, there are no lies Because God is everlasting Life I am free from all pain and strife I am eternally whole and complete Ready to kneel and wash  others’ feet Because God is holding me in His arms I am safe from all fear and harm I am listening for His voice I am directed to the right choice Because God is now I don’t need to question how I am always living with a smile I am overcoming each seeming trial. God is unchanging Love.

Progress report

A high-school student prays to gain confidence with her studies.

Write it down!

A teen writes down her healings, and shares two with readers.

Cuttin' loose in Footloose

Injury threatened to sideline this teen from the school musical, but she was able to glorify God both on stage and off!

Spiritual alertness on a trip abroad

Earlier this year I traveled to Brazil as part of a college study abroad program. One night, as our program leaders were going over travel arrangements for the next day and giving us important information, I kept having an intense feeling that I needed to go back to my room.

College choices

The college search and decision doesn't have to be marked by angst.

A good race

Cross-country running is one way this teen expresses her spiritual freedom.

Who, me . . . ‘perfect’?

Is there a better way to think about image?

A college student writes candidly about a topic that can be difficult to talk about.

Dance club angels

A night out in the city with college friends becomes an opportunity to recognize God's presence.