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Trail running...with Love

Running is one of my biggest passions. So you can imagine how excited I was when I had the opportunity to run 15 miles during my time at a summer camp for Christian Scientists! The camp offered trail running as a free choice activity, and I enthusiastically signed up.

Fight bullying with prayer

At my school there has been a big problem, and maybe it’s at your school, too. It’s called bullying.


Two summers ago, I was on a trip to California with my DiscoveryBound NLC (National Leadership Council) class. We were whitewater rafting and having a great time.

Our constant home

On God, His children do rely. He hears our every cry.

Crashing stereotypes

I was going to crash. I gave my bike’s handlebars one last futile yank, but my tire lodged in the street trolley track.

'I willingly listened'

Listening to God can sometimes seem difficult. There are things everywhere in our life that try to distract us from God’s voice, be it wrong motives, unloving thoughts, or simply thinking that we don’t need God and that we can figure out life all on our own.

Courtside prayer

One Sunday several months ago, I was having a great time expressing God while playing basketball. I was thinking about reflecting Him as Spirit, through qualities like strength, speed, and joy.

Choose love instead of hate

The night of December 20, 2012, I was reading a book for a school assignment. It addressed human trafficking and slavery issues in America today.

Questions and answers

Ask your questions. We'll print some answers.

Make the right call: Reject anger

This past summer I was really excited about a basketball tournament against one of the best teams in our league. On the way to the gym, my dad and I said a “met” together in the car.