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For Teens

My ballet 'attitude'

Strength in ballet has a lot to do with leaning on divine Principle.

Sports–playing & praying

An injury healed and team harmony restored–prayer makes for an uplifting soccer season!

No longer a wallflower

Feeling isolated at a new school, this teen turns to prayer and discovers all sorts of blessings.

'Shepherd, show me how to go...'

"I need to have a healing now!" gives way to, "OK, God, guide me."

Siblings listen for God's voice

A brother and sister share their experiences tuning in to God's healing messages.

Brotherly love in Brazil

Prayer led this student to reject cultural divides while on a trip abroad.

You're hired!

When finding summer employment looked impossible, a nudge from her mom led this teen to pray.

I hear you

Talking too much and forgetting to listen – prayer helps this writer handle social situations.

My summer travels to Turkey

A grateful teen shares two healings from a recent adventure with her family.

God's beautiful world

Graceful, still, blue,          pure water   fills our world. Water, like a natural mirror, illustrates our reflection of God.