When I lost my phone in the snow

It was the third day of my family’s ski trip, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I’d already had two great days of snowboarding, and though I’d done all the runs countless times, they’d never gotten old. Now the forecast promised at least three inches of fresh snow—which meant fewer people on the slopes, as well as fresh powder to snowboard on, which is always super fun. 

We got out on the mountain, and the day was going perfectly. With the snow falling, we could enjoy the same runs over and over, because the snow would cover up our tracks and it would be like skiing a fresh slope every time. 

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It wasn’t until the end of the day that I went to grab my phone out of my jacket pocket to take a picture … only to discover that my pocket was open and my phone missing. 

I was convinced my phone was gone forever and that there was no way we would find it. All that snow would have buried my phone as soon as it fell out of my jacket. Also, I had snowboarded dozens of runs that day, and there was no way we could search all the runs before the mountain closed. 

My dad was convinced that we could still find it, though, so we started to hike back up the mountain. As we walked, the snow seemed to be falling more thickly, even covering up the course I’d just taken down that trail. At this point, I felt completely hopeless, so I sat down and started crying. Maybe that sounds dramatic, but I was only twelve years old at the time, and this was my first phone!

I was convinced my phone was gone forever and that there was no way we would find it.

My dad hiked back to where I was and sat down next to me. He reminded me of an idea I’d learned in the Christian Science Sunday School, which is that because God is the all-knowing, infinite divine Mind, nothing could be lost. There’s no corner of God’s universe that’s outside the reach of this Mind—nothing Mind doesn’t see or know. So all we needed to do was get calm and listen for what God was telling us. 

To me, listening to God is a way of praying. It means shutting out all the fears, doubts, and worries based on what your five physical senses are telling you and letting God tell you what’s really going on. When you hear God’s message and trust it, it brings healing.

After about ten minutes of sitting in the snow and listening for some inspiration from God, I told my dad that we should hike up a little bit further. I stood up, and within about three steps, I saw a corner of something poking out of the snow. I ran over, and when I pulled it out, I saw that it was a trail map I’d had in my pocket. I got super excited, because the map had been in the same pocket as my phone, so I thought my phone must be close. 

This really big proof of what understanding and listening to divine Mind can do has given me so much more trust in God.

My dad and I took a few more steps up the mountain, and just then, he reached down as if to grab something. I looked at what he was reaching for but saw nothing except white snow. His hand went into the snow … and then came out with my phone! We’d found it! I know this wouldn’t have been possible without God’s guidance.

Before this experience, I’d had some faith in God. But this really big proof of the reality of divine Mind, and what understanding and listening to Mind can do, has given me so much more trust in God. I can also say that I’ve used what I learned during this healing in other situations since then—especially the idea that instead of getting distracted by a problem or my fears about it, I can simply turn straight to God and find a solution.

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