The Second Commandment saved me

I suddenly saw with perfect clarity that I couldn’t have a wrong image graven—carved—into my consciousness.

The Second of the Ten Commandments in the Bible (see Exodus 20:4–6) didn’t always stand out to me, but I’ll forever be grateful for learning to love it.

The reason I’d never paid this commandment particular attention was that the “graven images” it says we should not bow down to or serve are generally understood to be physical items related to the worship of idols or pagan gods. By contrast, my study of Christian Science has strengthened my ever-increasing understanding that there is one all-loving, all-good Father-Mother God. Because I know that God, who is infinite Spirit, is best worshiped with heartfelt prayers of love and spiritual understanding, humble listening, and gratitude, the commandment instructing us not to bow to idols didn’t really seem to pertain to me.

But in the weeks after my husband was healed of malaria, praying with the Second Commandment saved me.

Can we really love our enemies?
May 1, 2023

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