No more scary images

Last year at school, there was a bad accident in the schoolyard when a tree fell. Even after a few weeks, I still couldn’t get rid of the images of what I’d seen. Each night as I was trying to fall asleep, I was reminded of what had happened. 

I attend a Christian Science Sunday School, where I’ve learned to turn to God when I need help. One night when I was praying before bed, I remembered a poem called “Mother’s New Year Gift to the Little Children” by Mary Baker Eddy. I had learned it in Sunday School. It goes,

Father-Mother God, 
         Loving me,— 
Guard me when I sleep; 
Guide my little feet 
         Up to Thee. 
            (Poems, p. 69)

The poem helped me feel better because it reminded me that God is loving and guarding not just me but everyone at my school. 

I also talked to my Sunday School teacher about what had happened. He told me that God is Love and that because He is Love, we are always kept safe from every danger. I started to understand that God is always protecting me whether I am awake or asleep, so the pictures of the incident couldn’t harm me or make me feel scared. Soon after praying this way, I wasn’t thinking about the images at all anymore, and I could sleep again. 

I am happy to know that God protects us all every moment. I’m so grateful for God—and also for Sunday School, which helps me understand more about God and His love.

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March 20, 2023

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