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God, Truth, destroys evil by exposing its falsity, its contrariness to truth. As we consistently prove this for ourselves, we can begin to see lurking sin, simmering hatred, frightening physical symptoms—even war, disaster, or a pandemic—from a new and healing perspective.

Being 'the fruit of the Spirit'

As I reached out to God for the inspiration that would transform self-righteous judgment to a sense of the divinely righteous judgment, a surprising question came to thought: “Are you willing to be the fruit of the Spirit?”
I have learned to look daily for the ways in which God brings together the abilities that He has given to me and to others and puts them to use for His holy purpose.

Heart’s longing

A heartfelt prayer for peace in Ukraine.
My son and I talked about embracing the entire campus and community in our prayers, and that included praying about our view of the alleged gunman. But why include this in one’s prayers when someone has done such a terrible thing, and in a location that put a loved one at risk?

First person

Our God
is a first-person God,
the “I am” God, 
the God that is Love, Spirit, Mind,
revealing continually that
the Divine is more than
something we think about.
I started to understand that God is always protecting me whether I am awake or asleep, so the pictures of the incident couldn’t harm me or make me feel scared.
Testimony of Healing
During the forty-five minutes or so of letting my thinking be washed clean by divine Love, I forgot all about the cold.
Testimony of Healing
Eventually I realized I couldn’t succeed by employing two opposing methods of treatment.
Testimony of Healing

Mobility pain gone

I prayerfully worked during the day to be alert to refute the suggestions that I was material and at the mercy of pain and disability.
Bible Lens


Just as water is drawn from a deep well, purposes and thoughts hidden in the heart are discerned by wisdom.

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