Helping my friend at camp

I went to a camp in Maine for Christian Scientists last summer. One night as I was getting ready for bed, I overheard my friend talking to one of our counselors about being homesick. 

That’s when I remembered something my mom had told me before I went to camp. She said that there is only one Mind. There aren’t any separate minds, because we are each Mind’s creation. Mind is God, and we are all together in God, who is good. So we can never be separate from good. My mom’s words were kind of like a prayer, and they had helped me, so I thought they might help my friend.

I went up to him and told him what my mom had told me. It made him feel better right away! He thanked me and was immediately happy again. Then we went to bed. He was healed.

At camp each week, an arrowhead award is given to campers who have done things around the camp that have to do with Christian Science. I got an arrowhead for helping my friend feel better with spiritual ideas.

I am very grateful for Christian Science, for my Sunday School teacher, and for my mom and dad, who teach me things about God all the time.

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