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Mother’s comfort

It is our Father-Mother God, our divine Parent, who brings order to our schedule; protection to our children; and calm, strength, and healing to whatever challenges we may face.
Keeping Watch
Adoring God is rejoicing in all the good that divine Love is constantly imparting to us and all of God’s children. It shifts our focus off of ourselves and on to divine Spirit, thus purifying our motives and enlarging our capacity to do good. 
Every moment, we are consciously or unconsciously choosing what to believe in—what to admit as real or true.

God is in the details

We can remain firm in our conviction of God’s ever-presence and know that God manages every intimate detail of our lives for good, for order, for peace, for harmony, and for health.


A Mother’s Day poem about the divine Mother of us all. 
My mom’s words were kind of like a prayer, and they had helped me, so I thought they might help my friend.

“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it”

The Trustees have listened and prayed about how the Publishing Society can better fulfill its service to humanity today. Work to improve the value of our publications is ongoing, and modest price increases to subscriptions has begun—in many cases the first increases in a decade, despite continually rising costs.
The enlightened sense of equanimity, unity, affection, and hope I had gained from talking with this church member is what healed me. 
Testimony of Healing

Injured ankle restored

I worked on negating and destroying the notion that I was unworthy, unlovable, or anything other than God’s loved and loving expression.
Testimony of Healing
My immediate thought was, “How will I be able to go to work in the morning?”
Bible Lens

Adam and Fallen Man

Believing in Jesus’ identity as the Son of God was—and continues to be—paramount to Christian experience. 
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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