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Following Jesus’ example is how we most helpfully—healingly—love our neighbor.

Dropping mental baggage

Loving does not mean carrying another’s problem. And mental baggage is heavy only if we consent to carrying it. But if we don’t pick it up, there isn’t anything to drop.
When a conversation becomes uncomfortable or heated, I’ve learned to turn everything over to God, divine Love. I’ve come to trust that prayer will reveal what I need to know about the natural harmony and peace that exist within and between us.
Prayer has the power to transform the way I think about myself and others.


Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.

100 percent faithful

To be faithful means to keep promises, to be true to your word. It makes me think about how God is faithful to His promise to love us and take care of us—no matter what.
Testimony of Healing
This developing health concern had been destroyed by opening my heart to what I already knew to be true about me. I was grateful that I’d been healed and that my wife never experienced any symptoms.
Testimony of Healing
Bible stories of healing and protection, particularly those in the New Testament about Jesus and his disciples, came to mind, and were so inspiring.
Testimony of Healing

Dental issue overcome

I rejoiced at this immediate result of my clear comprehension of my true being as totally spiritual. 
Bible Lens

Christ Jesus

Jesus silences and expels the spirit with a single command.

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