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Clear way to see ourselves

[Michael Fisher, “Staying on God’s path,” Sentinel, January 3, 2022]

What a wonderful, clear way to see ourselves and the rest of creation: as God’s work, perfect, complete, done—not something we have to struggle for, but already worthy. Thank you.

Patricia Helmer, via JSH-Online.com

Comfort and blessings provided

[Barbara Vining, “Christian discipleship—joyful, freeing,” Sentinel, November 22, 2021]

I love this editorial on Christian discipleship. It gives practical ways for how each of us can follow Christ in our own experience. Thank you for all the articles and testimonies selflessly written and shared. I am trying not to miss anything in the Christian Science periodicals, because of the comfort and blessings these magazines provide.

Spencer Binonga, via JSH-Online.com

Helpful in healing

[Lois J. Thorson, “No need to wait. Arise!Sentinel, May 6, 1996]

This article was very helpful to me after I had a fall that made walking extremely difficult. It was so helpful in making my stand for Truth, for my right to stand upright and walk.

Patricia Robertson, via JSH-Online.com

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February 7, 2022

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