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Resurrecting church

Church is spiritual, and is structured and supported by God. It isn’t subject to demographics or cultural trends, which change and shift, or skepticism about organized religion. It is eternal.
Most people associate Christ with Jesus, and rightly so. But Christ is so much more than Jesus’ title; it expresses the eternal divine nature that Jesus uniquely embodied and that he demonstrated in his daily life and healing works.

Service with a smile

The thought came to let go of my “getting” attitude. Rather than asking “What can I get out of church?” I could embrace a more giving spirit.
How I Found Christian Science
I was impressed with how the book Science and Health related to the Bible citations, making things in the Bible clearer. 

One with Thee

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.

Are you a green squirrel?

Humor and healing go hand in hand when a little boy calls his Sunday School teacher for help. 
Testimony of Healing

Healed of severe stomach pain

On our way to our destination, the stomach pain left. I felt not just relief but complete freedom. 
Testimony of Healing
As I prayed, I thought about the David and Goliath idea from my morning walk: that God’s spiritual man couldn’t go down to battle with matter. This spiritual light broke through the dark claims of a limited, material view. 
Testimony of Healing
As I persisted in turning to God, I began to pray with the understanding that it is divine Mind, God, that governs, and since Mind is the only cause, there is no other cause. 
Bible Lens


Powerful poetry depicts a smooth, straight path through rugged terrain—a message that would have been compelling to Hebrew exiles in Babylon.

Letters & Conversations

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