How does God speak to us?

No matter how simple the inspired words that come to us, they convey the depth, power, and authority of God, divine Love.

As a child I wondered if God speaks to us just as He did to people in biblical times. And if so, what does His voice sound like? I first learned that He does speak to us when I was about eleven years old. I was running down a grassy slope, holding hands with a friend, when I stepped into a deep hole. My friend’s momentum yanked me forward, causing me to badly wrench my ankle. I couldn’t walk, and my sister and friends ran to get my mother to help me home.

My parents were Christian Scientists, and my sister and I attended Christian Science Sunday School. I knew my mother was praying for me, and when we got home, she called my father at his office so he could pray, too. The pain receded quickly, but my foot stuck out at an unnatural 90-degree angle. 

Service with a smile
February 7, 2022

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