Torn relationship and ligaments mended

Years ago, when hiking in Yosemite National Park, I took a fall and injured my ankle. I thought it might be broken, but I was able to limp out of the park. Once I got home, the pain became intense, and I thought it would be wise to get the ankle X-rayed. The doctor said that it was not broken, but that I had severe ligament tears and would be unable to walk on it for 12 weeks. He said there was really nothing he could do and, surprisingly, told me all I could do was pray about it!

The next day I had to go to my Air Force Reserve weekend, where I was in an administrative position at the base hospital. I was friends with the doctors in the unit, and they knew I was a Christian Scientist and relied on prayer for healing. I came in on crutches, and they had some fun teasing me about how I was going to heal this problem spiritually. I wasn’t offended, since we were friendly, and they took turns examining me, coming to the same conclusion as the original doctor had the day before—torn ligaments that would take a few months to heal. 

That night the pain grew worse. Although still chuckling about the doctor who’d told me to pray, I took his comment seriously. And pray I did . . . in earnest. It was revealed to me that I needed to heal a torn relationship with a family member. I gave no more thought to my ankle but addressed this family issue in prayer. I fell asleep with nothing but love for this family member as I held to the true, unbroken relationship I had with her: We are both children of the same loving God. During my next conversation with her, it was as though there had never been an issue. Our original loving relationship was completely restored.

I love this quote from Mary Baker Eddy’s Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896 that speaks to the conviction we can have when facing difficulties: “No evidence before the material senses can close my eyes to the scientific proof that God, good, is supreme” (p. 277).

I awoke the next morning free of pain and able to walk freely. Then I returned on the second day at the base hospital to complete the reserve weekend, where my doctor friends were incredulous. We spent the day talking about Christian Science and how prayer heals.

The Christian Science textbook states, “We must look deep into realism instead of accepting only the outward sense of things” (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 129). As we do this, we will witness the health and harmony that have always been present, waiting to be discerned by enlightened consciousness.

 Michael Mooslin
Newport Beach, California, US

Bible Lens
January 10, 2022

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