Torn relationship and ligaments mended

Years ago, when hiking in Yosemite National Park, I took a fall and injured my ankle. I thought it might be broken, but I was able to limp out of the park. Once I got home, the pain became intense, and I thought it would be wise to get the ankle X-rayed. The doctor said that it was not broken, but that I had severe ligament tears and would be unable to walk on it for 12 weeks. He said there was really nothing he could do and, surprisingly, told me all I could do was pray about it!

The next day I had to go to my Air Force Reserve weekend, where I was in an administrative position at the base hospital. I was friends with the doctors in the unit, and they knew I was a Christian Scientist and relied on prayer for healing. I came in on crutches, and they had some fun teasing me about how I was going to heal this problem spiritually. I wasn’t offended, since we were friendly, and they took turns examining me, coming to the same conclusion as the original doctor had the day before—torn ligaments that would take a few months to heal. 

Bible Lens
January 10, 2022

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