Freedom of movement regained

My husband started a major remodel of our vegetable garden, including replacing the raised beds. He had purchased new boards and asked me to help move them from the truck to the back garden. The boards were very long and heavy, and at one point I wondered if it was too much weight for me to handle. But we completed the task, and I was grateful to have been able to help.

However, the next afternoon I began to feel pain in one upper arm and shoulder. It quickly escalated, and soon I wasn’t able to move that arm, and I felt faint and sick to my stomach. I realized that while moving the heavy boards, I had let into thought the possibility of injury, and I began to feel afraid. I knew I needed to handle the fear, and I started to pray in earnest.

At that week’s Wednesday testimony meeting of my branch Church of Christ, Scientist, one of our members told of a healing of painful inflammation in her knee joint. She knew, as we’re taught in Christian Science, that it’s thought that needs to be addressed, not a physical condition. So she began to watch her thinking and to reject any suggestion of resentment or anger. She also denied that she could suffer for having engaged in joyful and loving activity. The pain stopped, and she gained complete freedom.

I was impressed with the quickness and thoroughness of the healing as well as what she said about carefully examining thought. I knew that I couldn’t have made a mistake in helping my husband and that fear couldn’t paralyze my movement. I held to the fact that I hadn’t broken any law of God, but had in fact been obeying God’s law that we love and help one another. Through my obedience to God’s law, I was protected and safe.

The fear began to fade, and my prayers gained strength and momentum. My trust in God’s constant, tender care reassured me that nothing could harm me. My conviction grew that healing couldn’t be limited or prolonged, because the divine Mind, God, knows only perfection, and this perfection is immediate—in fact, omnipresent. As Mary Baker Eddy informs us in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: “If action proceeds from the divine Mind, action is harmonious” (p. 239).

I knew that helping my husband was the outcome of a loving thought, which could have proceeded only from the divine Mind and therefore could produce only harmony. It was also becoming clear to me that a spiritual, incorporeal idea, which I am, couldn’t possibly feel pain. 

By the time I needed to get ready for a planned dinner with friends that evening, I was able to shower, wash and dry my hair, dress, and have a happy evening, using my arm freely. That night there was only one position in bed that was uncomfortable, although I still had some difficulty putting my arm behind my back. The next morning I continued praying to affirm that I couldn’t suffer any penalty for being loving. In the afternoon I didn’t think twice about working in the garden, taking down the framing for the tomatoes, and disposing of the plants. I had total freedom in every movement. The healing was complete, just as my fellow church member’s healing had been.

I was deeply humbled by the evidence of God’s love in the speed and completeness of this healing. This thought came to me: “Don’t be dismayed by the physical condition; be in awe of God’s power and love.” And awe is what I continue to feel.

Cathy Edge
Portland, Oregon, US

Testimony of Healing
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January 10, 2022

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