Hugs are great, but we can do more to help

Beginning to realize the nature of God as divine Love opens a whole new and infinite context for loving others thoughtfully, and for trust in God’s power to heal.

Some years ago, my adult daughter sent me flowers; it felt like a great big hug. Her caring buoyed me at a time when I really needed some extra love. It got me thinking about how a compassionate heart intuits just what’s needed: a hug, a helpful word, an encouraging message sent at the right time, or simply the willingness to be present for another person. Who hasn’t felt a lift from doubt or discouragement when someone has expressed practical caring?

So, why does that caring stir the heart? The flowers felt like a hug because they were reflective of more—they were evidence of the source of good, which is intelligent, divine Love, a name for God from the Bible (see I John 4:8). This Love is universal, reigning over all creation. Love operates as law to bless all humanity. 

Original innocence and genuine forgiveness
February 8, 2021

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