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Love that never changes

Looking for love means looking to more fully express God.
Beginning to realize the nature of God as divine Love opens a whole new and infinite context for loving others thoughtfully, and for renewed trust in God’s power to heal.
For me, forgiveness was a gradual process helped by my study of the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy.

Beautiful you

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering
This was what I had actually been wanting this whole time—to feel and know Love better.
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We don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to feel loved.
Testimony of Healing

Laceration healed

A meaningful healing occurred for me last summer.
Testimony of Healing
At one point in my life, I had been addicted to a prescribed sleeping pill for over 12 years.
Testimony of Healing

Digestion issues healed

One spring after college, I worked for a local museum, running a youth camp as its only program leader.
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