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The real heaven and earth

By understanding God, we can experience the deliverance that biblical characters did.
Judging individuals based on perceived material wealth would prevent us from seeing the true individual of God’s creating. 
When we understand that God is Love, there is nothing left to fear, to negatively react to, or to be angry about.

Image and Inspiration

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The way in which everything worked out seemed almost unbelievable.
Glimpses of Truth
Tucked away in the book of Joel in the Bible is God’s promise “I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten”.
One  morning during the summer my ear started hurting.
Testimony of Healing

Quick healings of cold and flu

It wasn’t until I was singing on my walk to school that I even remembered how sick I’d felt and realized I was completely well. 
Testimony of Healing
I continued to pray, knowing that all people are God’s children, governed by Him, and therefore can be free from feeling any desire or need to take advantage of others through trickery or theft.
Testimony of Healing

Child’s bed-wetting stops

It came to me to suggest that our daughter pray with our grandchild before bedtime, and I offered to support those prayers. 
Bible Lens

Adam and Fallen Man

Where sinfulness was believed to have corrupted all humanity, Christ’s redemption is freely and universally bestowed. 

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