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Power of gratitude

[Elizabeth Beall, “Getting beyond blame,” Sentinel, November 30, 2020]

I am extremely grateful to have read this article because it made clear to me the power of gratitude. Instead of trying to find a human solution by delegation, the author found that prayer moved all parties to take action—proving that the recognition of present good comforts all as it adjusts, heals, and inspires.

Ashley Alarcon, via JSH-Online.com

Cleaned out painful memories

Joan Bernard Bradley’s article in the November 23, 2020, Sentinel,When painful memories are faced and healed,” was a liberating eye-opener for me. The insightful question she asked herself about a hurtful experience, “whether I was satisfied leaving that high school experience the way it ended,” really got my attention. She then gave a strong treatment, denying any power to unloving behavior on the grounds that it is impossible for any of divine Love’s children to act contrary to Love. Her compassionate prayer, seeing her peers as God made them, lifted her thought above the hate expressed, and freed her from any possible negative effects from the experience.

I immediately began to clean out my own storage of painful memories. This article has helped me immensely. 

Cathy Edge, Portland, Oregon, US

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