All God’s creatures are good!


Amanda and Juniper lived on a ranch with lots of animals. They loved their pony, Candy, their kittens, and their dog, Thorn. What Amanda didn’t like very much, though, was the wasp that stung her three times one day when she was sitting in the living room, reading. Someone had left the door open, and a wasp had flown in and was perched on the rocking chair when Amanda climbed in.

Amanda cried, and Mama came running. The wasp stings hurt a lot, and Amanda was angry and upset. She couldn’t seem to stop crying. 

Just then, Juniper came in and wanted Amanda to come outside and play, but Amanda didn’t want to. She said she wanted to lie down.

While Amanda rested, Mama prayed with her and talked to her about how much God loved her. Then, since Mama had more to do to prepare for dinner, she asked Amanda if she would like to listen to some Christian Science healings that other children had had. By then Amanda had stopped crying. But she still didn’t want to get up.

Mama put on the recording. There were lots of good healings, but the one Amanda loved most was about a healing of a bee sting. The child who’d had that healing said that she was healed when she understood that Love made the bee, so the bee couldn’t want to hurt her. Amanda had learned from her mama and daddy, and from the Christian Science Sunday School, that Love is another name for God. She knew that Love couldn’t and wouldn’t make anything that could hurt anyone. So that meant she couldn’t be hurt by the wasp.

Amanda felt better right away, and the next thing Mama knew, Amanda was running out the door to play with Juniper. When Mama called to her, Amanda called back, “Love made the wasp, so I know the wasp can’t hurt me!” 

The pain and the redness on Amanda’s neck were all gone, and best of all, Amanda wasn’t angry at the wasp anymore. In fact, she had so much fun playing with Juniper, she forgot about being stung altogether. 

After that, Amanda knew wasps were included in God’s creation just as much as all the other animals she loved. Love had shown her that she couldn’t be hurt by anything God made, because everything God made is good.

Testimony of Healing
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May 18, 2020

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