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From the readers

Heartfelt thanks for Nate Talbot’s inspiring article, “Not afraid but not naive” in the April 20 issue of the Sentinel.
On the web: The JSH-Online.
All action of God has a purpose. Therefore, all of God’s children have a purpose, too.
Through my prayer that day it came to me to stop questioning, to stop arguing with God.
Breaking away from personal glory brings a tangible freedom.
I was completely healed of any sense of injury, emotional or physical. 
There is no “outside” to God, so nothing to attack from without.
The divine economy is stable—a continuous flow of spiritual good—not chaotic or unpredictable. 
Amanda and Juniper lived on a ranch with lots of animals.
Testimony of Healing
Some years ago, when the world was facing an epidemic of a particularly aggressive strain of flu, I found myself coming down with flu symptoms.
Testimony of Healing
For several days I had been suffering with a severe sore throat that continued to worsen.
Testimony of Healing

Reaction to poison ivy healed

There are no words to express my deep gratitude for a lifetime of healings, blessings, and spiritual growth through the study and application of Christian Science.
Image and Inspiration

'Eternal are Thy mercies, Lord ...'

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Spiritual truth can never be canceled by human circumstances.
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