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From the readers

We love hearing from our readers. Here's what they had to say this week.

Christ Jesus the mediator

Christ Jesus was the Way-shower, or mediator, in that he reconciled man to God through the Christ.
Christ voices the divine Love that casts out fear and hatred and the many forms they take.
I truly wanted to find peace.
The Bible describes true warfare as spiritual, not physical.
God’s law of harmony governs all of God’s creation down to the tiniest detail, and no part of that creation is capable of running amok and causing harm. 
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Is the word God a turnoff?

If you’ve ever felt like the word God is confusing, unclear, or awkward to use with your friends, you’re not alone. This author explains how we can get past the confusion and start to know God in a way that’s genuinely helpful and healing.
Testimony of Healing

Meniere’s disease healed

I was raised in Christian Science and experienced many healings growing up.
Testimony of Healing

Urinary problem healed

One Friday, I began experiencing pain and problems while urinating.
Testimony of Healing
While dining in a restaurant, I was startled when something heavy landed on my head and lodged between my neck and the high-backed chair.
Image and Inspiration
This week’s photographic inspiration and related text.
How do we truly work with changes that take us out of our comfort zone?
Bible Lens

God the Preserver of Man

Shining a light on the weekly Bible Lessons published in the Christian Science Quarterly® 

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