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We love hearing from our readers. Here's what they had to say this week.
Continuing The Conversation

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Dear Reader,

Getting beyond blame

“Blamestorming” wouldn’t lead to a solution.

The best defense

I didn’t have to try to impose my will on anyone, but rather could turn to God for a solution.
Of course, everyone would be blessed—not just me!

Holiday time with God

In recent years I have become grateful for the entire holiday season that extends from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

Spiritually based immunity

Knowing God’s perfect selfhood and man as His reflection will result in step-
by-step release from mortality.
The colorful flyer on the bulletin board at the ice rink caught my eye.
Testimony of Healing
When I first knew of Christian Science, I was unaware of how the Word of God could heal someone who simply had a desire to improve their life by learning more about God.
Testimony of Healing

God’s love heals grief

It was a very difficult time in my life.
Testimony of Healing
During one busy holiday season a few years ago, when my house was jampacked with kids, grandkids, spouses, friends, and even a few neighbors, I tripped over my grandson as I was running into the kitchen to finish dinner preparations.
Image and Inspiration
This week’s photographic inspiration and related text.
There is always a correlation between God maintaining His spiritual creation in perfect harmony and specific outward expression of that loving care.
Bible Lens

God the Only Cause and Creator

Shining a light on the weekly Bible Lessons published in the Christian Science Quarterly® 

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