What is social justice?

The recent media coverage of protest marches and demonstrations has caused me to ask, What does social justice look like? How would I like to see it expressed in homes, businesses, churches, and society? To me, social justice would be the effect of erasing barriers—racial, gender, cultural, and so on—individually and collectively through the kind of compassion that Jesus expressed, which uplifts and heals. This involves a commitment to living with more honesty, fairness, unselfishness, goodness, etc.

Social justice, I am learning from my study of Christian Science, means more than a hoped-for, idealistic, or imagined state of things. Rather, social justice represents a present spiritual fact—the unity and equality of God’s creation. Each of us is an individual, spiritual idea of divine Love, God, and our oneness with God and one another is an eternal reality. This oneness can be realized today if individually and collectively demonstrated by expressions of understanding, compassion, and affection toward each other. Despite the glass ceiling that feels unbroken for people of color and the slowness of improvement in social justice and equality, all men and women are forever free to express their spiritual oneness, or unity, with God.

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