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[Thomas Mitchinson, “God’s forever promise: I am with you,” Sentinel, September 21, 2020]
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Continuing The Conversation
Dear Reader: 

Can racism be healed?

Injustice is not just an affront against humanity, it is a bold affront against God, divine Love.
As we recognize our need to rely on God for harmony, we can see God’s kingdom of harmony uplift and improve human circumstances.
I experienced the healing, purifying power of God when I worked in a kindergarten program for rural Black children.

God’s unique messages

God speaks to us in the way we will hear, understand, and be inspired to take action. 
TeenConnect: Q&A

What you can do about racism

Issues like racism can be tough to talk about—and pray about. Hear from one Black Christian Scientist about how his thinking on racism has changed and how that’s fueling his prayers and transforming his conversations.
I refuted the notion that God’s creation could lack intelligence and understanding.
Testimony of Healing
Each morning when I awake, I can hear the robins singing outside my window.
Testimony of Healing
In the mid-1970s I took a business trip from Los Angeles to Frankfurt, Germany.
Testimony of Healing
When our daughter was a baby, my husband and I were told by doctors on one of our required visits that our daughter, Alice, had developed a fear of anything being near her mouth.
Image and Inspiration

What is social justice?

The divine fact remains that the spiritual creations of God are at one in the unity designed by the Father-Mother of all.
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