What’s your favorite name for God?

Our Christian Science Sunday School class has been talking about the synonyms for God. A synonym is another name for God. We’ve been talking about how each one helps describe God—and they also help describe each other, of course, because that’s what a synonym does. You can find these synonyms in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. (For example, you can go to page 465, lines 9 and 10.)

Here is a poem we wrote about some of these special names that help us understand God better:

Principle, Life, Truth, Love, Spirit, Soul, Mind—
Our God is so kind!
Because Spirit is here, 
We can know God as near! 

God is Love, so we need never fear.
There is no need to cry,
And here is the reason why:
God’s love is so dear. 

God is Principle and Life and ...
We have just begun,
Since every other name for God 
Follows and is ONE! 

We also talked about how understanding the different names for God has helped us. 

Ryan likes to think about God as Mind because he likes the fact that God is all-knowing. He’s learning that God is intelligence, and that means he expresses intelligence—because he is Mind’s expression. What God knows, Ryan knows, too! 

Once when he was stung by a bee, it hurt a lot, and Ryan remembered that God was with him and that God is Love. He knew that Love wouldn’t, and couldn’t, create anything that would hurt him. The hurting soon went away.

Lucy’s favorite synonym is Love. One time, during her gymnastics class she fell off the balance beam. It hurt, and she ran over to her mom. Her mom kissed her and reminded her that God is Love.  

Lucy knew from Sunday School that God’s love is all around her. So she pictured God’s love like a cushion on the floor keeping her landings soft and safe. She knew she could never fall out of God’s love, so she could never really be hurt. After that, she felt much better and went back to class.

The synonyms for God are like friends we can take with us into our lives every day. They help us understand that God is always with us and taking care of us, wherever we go and whatever we need.

Testimony of Healing
Gum inflammation gone
January 13, 2020

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