The divide that unites

Divisiveness has always hampered human progress. Today is no exception. Climate change, immigration, and racism are among the large-scale problems needing unity of thought and action. But actually, there is a divide that can unite people on a path of unhampered progress.

Disagreements and competitions between human beings are caused by conflicting elements within the human mind. But the infinite, divine Mind—the one and only real Mind of everyone—has no competing or conflicting elements. The divine Mind includes and imparts only its universally good and unifying spiritual ideas. So when we turn to our divine Mind, God, in prayer and humbly listen for His guidance, we begin to see a clear divide opening in our thoughts between our spiritually true thoughts from God and the untrue elements of the human mind. Then we can cast aside those unreal, conflicting elements and entertain only the harmonizing qualities and ideas of divine intelligence, which lead to unhindered progress.

Bible Lens
Bible Lens—January 13–19, 2020
January 13, 2020

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