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[Inge Bock Phillips, “A child’s prayers heal hearing problem,” Sentinel, August 12, 2019]
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Character shifts, healing, and decisive life choices all require stillness.
God, our divine Shepherd, is always present for us, who, like lambs, may sometimes lose our way. 
It’s necessary to recognize God’s all-harmonious government as the only legitimate governing law.
One winter evening when I was a child, and was very disheartened and discouraged, Momma lovingly took me aside and said, “God’s love is right here, all around.
“It makes you question your faith almost,” said Koteiba Azzam, who is Muslim, in response to the death of his friend Andre Anchondo in the mall shooting in El Paso, Texas, last month.
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth

Overthrow the supposition

Most of us have at some time felt overwhelmed by a situation we were facing—perhaps an illness, a troubled relationship, or a financial struggle.
From Kids
One Saturday my family went to our friends’ house to go on a hike and go boating.
Testimony of Healing
I am very happy to share a recent physical healing in Christian Science.
Testimony of Healing

Cold symptoms gone

Several years ago, while living in Chicago, I enjoyed occasionally doing musical theater.
Testimony of Healing
“Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!.
The divine Ego, or individuality, is reflected in all spiritual individuality from the infinitesimal to the infinite.

One day

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As we grow in our understanding of Christian Science, changes in our approach to problems naturally take place.
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