Quick recovery from a fall

I like to take an early morning walk of three to four miles, usually starting shortly after 6 a.m. One wintry morning a few years ago, I began my walk earlier than usual, about thirty minutes before sunrise, so it was still dark. I was walking down a steep slope at a brisk rate, when suddenly I tripped on an uneven joint in the sidewalk and landed facedown on the concrete.

Throughout my life I have relied on Christian Science for my well-being, and accordingly I immediately declared to myself that man, as God’s spiritual idea, cannot be impacted in a detrimental manner. There can be no injury to the everlasting durability of divine Spirit, which is man’s (and therefore my) true substance. It stands to reason, therefore, that Spirit’s opposite, matter, is not substance and has no intelligence. I quickly got back up on my feet, initially with the inclination to continue my walk. But upon realizing that there was a considerable amount of blood on my face, I headed back to our house. I carefully washed away the blood, and in doing so, saw that there were major abrasions on my face.

Testimony of Healing
Protected after boiling water accident
August 26, 2019

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