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[Evan Mehlenbacher, “How to erase the effects of a mistake,” JSH-Online.
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Gratitude heals

I once found myself in desperate straits, and gratitude was key to my turnaround.
We are under God’s unstoppable laws of integrity, fairness, and equality.

Transform your wilderness

This remarkable turnaround felt like the transformation of a wilderness, the appearance of an oasis in the desert.

Testify to God’s goodness!

We do not have to be afraid when we’re unselfishly sharing our healings with sincerity. 
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth
My view of myself began to transform as I embraced the concept of God being wherever I was. 
I was doing my hair one night, when suddenly my neck felt funny, and it seemed like I might have hurt it.
Testimony of Healing

Head wound healed

Last August, I fell full force on my face on the concrete outside a clinic where my husband was getting a checkup.
Testimony of Healing

Sudden illness healed

Early last year, my husband and I went for an evening walk.
Testimony of Healing
In the summer of 2017, I hurt my back a few days before a vacation trip and was having trouble getting around.
Testimony of Healing

Injured foot healed

It had been a whirlwind trip to visit my new great-nephew.
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See with the great heart of Love your true,    spiritual nature.
Contrition, acknowledging and reversing by word and deed our mistakes, is health generating.
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