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From the readers

[TeenConnect, Judy Olson, “I feel like I don’t have faith in God,” JSH-Online.
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When a woman unjustly accused some neighbors of committing a crime, she was forced to confront—and pray about—racism. The basis for her prayers? Christ Jesus’ example of seeing each individual the way God made them.
After my father and maternal grandmother passed away, my mother told me of her concern about inheritances and the problems she’d seen them cause in many families, and about the high cost of succession cases.
It’s helpful to be praying for a greater, more exalted, and more tangible understanding of God.
Sometimes we need a “spring thaw,” a fresh way of looking at things.
Every time a resentful, angry, or selfish thought occurred to me regarding my employer, I mentally turned to divine Truth.
From Teens
Christian Science was helping me rule out the bad thoughts and giving me good ones.
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Helping a suicidal friend

She was desperate to help a friend who wanted to take his own life. But her friend wasn’t interested in God or Christian Science. What could she do? This teen prayed—and found answers.
Testimony of Healing
When I was about twenty, I started feeling sick every time I ate.
Testimony of Healing
In May 2012, I had the opportunity to travel to Peru with a group of students and professors from my university.
Testimony of Healing

Joint pain gone

For quite a few months I’d been having problems with stiffness and pain in my joints.

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Letting go of attachment

Personal attachment is a tendency of the human mind to cling to a misconception of man.
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