Wake up—to healing!

Have you ever found yourself praying while in the midst of a bad dream? I once had a bizarre dream that there was a fishhook embedded in my skin. Throughout the dream, I tried to find someone to help me, and I prayed to God for guidance in finding a solution. But none came. Then, I woke up! I was happily surprised to discover that there was no fishhook in me. In an instant, I was freed from the deception of the dream. I saw that I had never been hurt or worried in this way, and had never needed to fix a problem like the one in the dream.

This experience reminded me of something I’d learned in Christian Science: that any unhappy or troubling situations we experience can be seen as dreamlike. That’s because the wide-awake reality of our being is spiritual. 

The power of seeing man’s perfection
January 28, 2019

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