A view of others that heals

Have you ever considered that seeing someone differently could bring healing? That seeing someone in a new light could bring healing to you, a situation, a relationship, or even that person?

I once was speaking with a Christian Science practitioner about a problem I was having with someone. (Christian Science practitioners are individuals who devote their full time to praying for others.) I told her, “It doesn’t matter what I think or do—he will still do the same thing.” The practitioner then suggested a better way of seeing the situation. She said I should start seeing the individual from a spiritual perspective—as made by Spirit, God, who made everything “very good” (Genesis 1:31). I realized I had been accepting a limited and material view of this person as selfish and uncooperative. Seeing others from this perspective is seeing them as separate from God and lacking good, whereas a spiritual view perceives them as created by God and expressing only the qualities of God—including honesty, justice, integrity, mercy, and all that is spiritually good and pure. I realized that if I wanted to see more of this spiritual reality, what needed changing was my view. 

Wake up—to healing!
January 28, 2019

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